Dee Dee’s Thanksgiving Prayer Letter

November 26, 2012

Dearest Friends,

As the Thanksgiving season approaches, I hardly know where to start. God has been so good and faithful and has been pouring out His tender mercies towards me. Forty years ago two messed up hippies got saved and were married on May 26th.  In our first year of marriage we became house parents of the juvenile home started by the Dyersburg Union Mission where our motto was: Proverbs 3:6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. How thankful I am for the many preachers down through those forty years who (through God’s leadership) were an influence and encouragement to Bro. Danny and me. From the start of our marriage, we had a desire to serve the One who had done such great things for us. We were very raw material for Him to work with, and I know we were a great disappointment on many occasions, but at least we kept pressing on by His grace.

Many ask me, “How are you doing?”  I answer, “For the most part pretty good. The Lord and His dear saints have been so kind and gracious and the prayers of so many are helping me I know.” However, my tears are always just a thought away. I can be driving down the road and have a thought of Danny and the tears start flowing. I miss his laugh and all the private memories we shared together.  One of my hardest days was trying to go to some yard sales. It was one of the things we most enjoyed doing together.  That day I had to turn around and go home. I miss Danny’s tender heart towards the Lord and others.

Last December we had the privilege to sing “Thank You Lord” at Cornerstone’s Mission Conference being backed up by Andy Leftwitch, the fiddle player for Ricky Scaggs.  What made it so very special was the Lord showing up and blessing hearts.  People were shouting, crying, and praying at the altar.  I think times like that is what I miss most of all. Bro. Danny always had a way of talking before our singing that opened up hearts, and then the Lord would come and fill them up. Precious Memories!!

I have never held a public job except for a few weeks of substitute teaching one year.  After Danny’s liver transplant (14 years ago), he had a bout of rejection. I was worried about what I was going to do if he didn’t pull through.  The Lord gave me a verse back then that calmed my fears: Romans 16:1-2   I commend unto you Phebe our sister, which is a servant of the church which is at Cenchrea: That ye receive her in the Lord, as becometh saints, and that ye assist her in whatsoever business she hath need of you: for she hath been a succourer of many, and of myself also.  Now I know that I am no Phebe, but through the last 5 months I have been assisted by many.

Last February, the night before we went to see Bro. Danny’s liver doctor for the first time, those old fears came upon my heart again. The same old question arose: “What am I going to do if something happens to Bro. Danny?  My life as I know it will be over.” I looked down and there was a handkerchief that had the words: “There’s Hope” written on the corner of it.  The next day after leaving the doctor’s office, we passed a building with huge letters: THERE IS HOPE.  Later, in April, while Danny was throwing up blood in the emergency room, I was trying to find a place to park, and passed a building that had a sign two stories high reading: HOPE IS HERE   HOPE HEAL RECOVER LIVE.  I took these signs, along with some scriptures the Lord gave me, as evidence that Danny was going to get a transplant and that things would go on as before.  But looking back now, I see that the Lord was giving me encouragement that He was going to take care of me.  And Bro. Danny is healed forever now. One memory of him that I don’t miss is seeing him throwing up just about every day and feeling so bad.

I have been amazed at all the cards, calls, gifts, and prayers that have been made and given on my behalf.  It is hard to feel too sorry for myself when I have the support and love of so many. Most of the churches that had sent us support in the past have continued to send that same support to me. The Lord only knows what a comfort that has been to me. Liberty Baptist Church in Ohio has taken on my cell phone bill each month. Shady Acres in Texas paid my house insurance for this coming year. Praise God!  Arbanna Baptist Church in Arkansas is sending a team of workers in December to do trim work on Bro. Danny’s “Big Family Room Project.”

My home church, Calvary Baptist, has also been so very supportive.  Several men gave up their Saturday morning a couple of months ago and finished hanging sheet rock in the bedroom renovation that Bro. Danny had started but couldn’t finish. They also hung a brand new door and replaced some rotten flooring.  Another family volunteered to keep me in fire wood to keep the wood stove burning. This will save me a lot of money from my gas bill this winter.

My children have also been a great blessing to me. They are helping with a few of my monthly bills, and Nathan and his wife Stephanie, being the ones so close, have borne the brunt of my many needs around the house. We got an excellent deal on some hard wood flooring. The previous floor in the old living room had to be pried up in chunks with a crow bar. Danny Joe, Nathan, Stephanie, and I were involved with that nasty job. We hired our preacher’s son-in-law and son to lay the flooring, and another man from our church volunteered to seal it. The floor looks beautiful now, and I will move my furniture back in on Tuesday.

I had my first journey of faith (driving and traveling without Bro. Danny) in August. The Lord had called my dear friend, Bro. Earl Hughes, home and I felt a real need to attend his funeral. It had meant so much to me when so many came to Bro. Danny’s.  The Lord blessed my trip and showed me his faithfulness during my journey.  My first attempt to sing without Danny was in June at Shady Acres’ youth camp in Houston, Texas.  It was hard and shaky, but I got through it.  Since then, I have been doing my best to sing with the help of my friends. My voice is low, so I must change keys and find songs in my voice range.

I have been able to go to several meetings:  One in Delaware, one in Arkansas, and three in Alabama.  I will be going home with Carrie to Houston after Christmas and will be with her for about a month. While in Texas,  I will also be speaking at a ladies retreat at Bro. Phil Dunn’s church.  My last meeting this year will be the mission conference at Cornerstone in Carthage, Tennessee.

Other activities at home have kept me pretty busy.  I am making “gourd vessels” to sell for the support of my and Bro. Danny’s missionaries.  So far they have been doing pretty well.  I also have started a monthly Bible study at my home for middle aged ladies.  We’ve been having a good time of fellowship, and I am glad that the big family room is being put to use for the Lord.

I close with the “I have never felt so loved feeling” and with a very thankful heart.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Sincerely, Dee Dee Hall

4 Responses to “Dee Dee’s Thanksgiving Prayer Letter”

  1. Benjamin D Watson Says:

    What a great blessing I sure loved bro Danny and mrs dee dee hall. I have been praying for you ever since bro Danny’s passing away I sure loved y’all’s singing. What an encouragement to see you keep the faith thru trying times like you have. I will continue to keep you in my prayers.

  2. Mark McGaughey Says:

    My family and I had the privelidge to have Thanksgiving with Danny and Dee Dee last year. If I had known it would have been my last with my buddy I would have hugged him more! Oh but what a gathering in that land where we never grow old. If you have true friends on this earth that you serve God with laugh with cry with you are a rich person!

  3. We love and appreciate you Sister Dee Dee. We will miss seeing Brother Danny, but a GLAD REUNION DAY is just over the next hill! Praying for you.

  4. Markie McGaughey Says:

    I loved Bro Danny Mack very much. I’m so glad he is not hurting anymore and I know he is singing in heaven with a guitar made of gold! I love you DeeDee and the rest of the family, Im praying for you all!

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