Cherish the Moment

February 6, 2013

“It’s Campmeeting Time!”

That how Bro. Bobby always starts out the meeting on Monday nights. We just finished our January meeting a few weeks ago, and, man, there were so many of us there thinking of Danny Hall. We really had a wonderful meeting, and the Lord used  it to really encouraged my broken heart, but it was also bitter sweet. This meeting marked a year since Dad has been at our church.

Dad was so very sick last year at the meeting. I spent most of those nights crying to Nathan and the Lord about how worried I was about him. But being sick never stopped Dad. He made every service; although, several of them he had to leave to go puke up his socks. Tough as nails-that man. He refused to let his body hinder him from serving the Lord. He would stumble back in, weak as a kitten, and carry on with worshiping the Lord (I can just hear his laughing and crying, the “wooooo” that signaled not a train, but the presence of the Lord stirring his heart). Bro. Danny had Mom and Dad sing several times that week, and the Lord touched them immensely. Just Dad walking up on the platform, looking so skinny and frail, was a testimony of God’s grace. It’s amazing how someone can break and strengthen your heart at the same time, but that was always Dad’s way, and that’s what was happening to so many in the congregation that week.

I was honored to be able to play along and sing with them that meeting (a lot of the times I’m in nursery, serving lunch next door, or staying home with Claira and her annual campmeeting bug, but this time I was able to be in on most all of the services). Friday morning God began moving in a quite yet powerful way. Bro. Jones had just finished exhorting on the death, burial, and resurrection of our lovely Lord (bringing out Old Testament truths and pictures like only he can), and we were called up to sing. We first sang “My King’s Apparel” and then “Thank You Lord” and that glory cloud gently continued rolling in. Please don’t think I’m trying to brag on us, because it was all the LORD. As we continued singing, Bro. Leroy Dalrymple was stirred and began what my preacher calls “exhorting.” Dad decided to sing “Happy Grand Reunion” (Bro. Leroy’s favorite). I was struggling the whole way though (aka embarrassingly crying like a baby). My heart was just so full; I was thankful at the Lord’s moving and especially him allowing me to be a part of it, but I was so broken over dad’s condition. My preacher, Bro. Danny, saw me having a hard time and came and whispered into my ear, “Cherish the moment, Carrie.”

It meant a lot then, but over time it’s come to mean so much more:

Cherish serving the Lord with your father, cherish being a part of this old time worship that is now so rare. Cherish the heritage that you have. Cherish the Lord’s touch and seeing with your eyes His power. What better memory could I have with my Mom and Dad than being used of the Lord with them?

“Thank you, Preacher. I’m still cherishing it.”

Stevebrownministries has been such a blessing in recording our camp meetings. Thanks for capturing this for us to enjoy over and over. It’s not quite the same as being there, but it is a glimpse into one of my treasured memories.