Melissa Sloan from Carthage TN

August 11, 2012

Bro. Danny and Mrs. Dee Dee Hall started coming to our church for special meetings including our missions conference, many years ago. They always brought the sweetest spirit along with them. Everyone loved to hear them sing and to listen to Bro. Danny’s stories about his old life, most of which where heartbreaking. He didn’t tell those stories to get people to feel sorry for him, but so that people would know how good God had been to him. My absolute favorite song of the Hall’s would have to be “I Just Want To Thank You Lord.” Knowing what they had been through and how much they meant what they where saying blessed my heart. No one could ever sing that song like them,to me. Every year I would hope to myself that they would sing it,  and as far as I know, they always did.My family and I have had the privilege of keeping the Hall’s in our home during our missions conference for several years. One year when they came my seventeen year old son was struggling. I think Bro. Danny picked up on it, because he spent a little bit more time with him than he did everyone else. He sat around singing, playing the guitar with him and talking. He even went hunting with him.He never said anything, but I’m pretty sure that this hunting trip wasn’t too pleasant, because he had stayed up really late and got up really early. I’m not sure if my son even remembers that, but I sure do.Every year when December would be near, my kids would ask if Bro. Danny and Mrs. Dee Dee were coming. They were so excited to find out that they were. Bro Danny always had a way of making people laugh. The funny story I would like to share happened this past December. My little girl has a manikin head. She got it so that she could learn to braid, curl, and fix hair.The doll is from the neck up, has real hair and looks very real.She[the doll]was laying on the couch when Bro Danny walked in the room. He took a look, grabbed his chest, and with big eyes said “Get that there  thang outa here.I thought y’all done cut somebodies head off.” The kids got a kick out of that, because it scared him so bad. Bro Danny will be greatly missed, but never forgotten! He and Mrs. Dee Dee are heroes to our family.We look forward to seeing you in December, Mrs. Dee Dee.We love you!!!!

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