Danny Joe Hall

July 23, 2012

First of all, I would like to thank Carrie Beth for getting this web page started.  I have been reading all of your posts and each one has touched my heart.  It means so much to know how loved and revered my Dad was to all of you.  I was the most privileged Hall kid (since I got to know him the longest).   I remember him in so many different ways.  When I was young and he was working construction, there were many times I got to spend the day with him riding in his old truck to run errands.  He would stop at the store and get me a Nehi peach soda (glass bottle) and we would enjoy the day together.  I remember looking over at him and his big arms and thinking nobody could be stronger than my daddy and how lucky I was that day to be with him.  He could build anything, fix anything, play anything, and he was my hero.  Later on in life (high school) he would sometimes drop me and Nathan off at school in the old truck.  It was mainly blue, but had rust and bondo all over it and we were starting to worry about our image.  He knew this and decided to honk his horn and yell out the window in front of all the other school kids and say “That’s my sons right here!! – The Hall boys.”  He was always doing stuff like that, but we knew he loved us.  One of the things I will miss the most is how he would find his way down to the altar and wrap his arms around you and thank God for you and pray with and for you.  He was my very best friend and I will miss him dearly, but I feel blessed to be his son and hope that I see him again very soon. “Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.”

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