Keith Woodby

July 1, 2012

When I first went into evangelism, Bro Danny prayed with me one night in WV when I was beginning to get real discouraged. After prayer he gave some of the best (and Hardest) advice I ever received. He said, wait on the Lord Son, you don’t wanna get ahead of God. Since then, every time I wanted to run ahead I would hear his voice saying, “wait on the Lord son”. Thank you Bro Danny for being my friend!

One Response to “Keith Woodby”

  1. Ioana Barrie Says:

    My memories of Bro Hall is from him and Mrs. Hall singing in my church in Dayton Ohio. Craig Lovell is my pastor.

    I really miss hearing Bro Hall preach and sing. I can’t wait untl we have a reunion in Heaven. We just sang ” Just over in the Glory Land” last night.

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