Daryn Kline

July 1, 2012

Do you remember the year Brother Skipper took his teens to a different teen camp, and they all hated it! They were back the next camp and Bro. Danny and another Preacher/Musician (I wanna say Bro. Jones from Ohio… Memory’s a bit tricky) took the old Folsom Prison song and re-wrote it dogging on him! Talking from the perspective of the teens that were “stuck” at the other camp… The only part I can remember was “…Our Pastor, Brother Skipper, Brought Us To This Dreadful Place, I’d Like To Take This Nasty Food And Rub It In His Face…I’m Stuck At Ceder River Time Keeps Draggin On…” Ha! It was all in fun, Brother Skipper had to laugh! I believe someone got it recorded. Would be nice to hear it again. Good memories!

One Response to “Daryn Kline”

  1. Carrie Says:

    Oh my goodness. That was the funniest year. You brought back so many fun memories with that one. It was Dad, Bro. Drummond and Bro. McGaughey that worked on the song. Here are a few of the lines I remember…”I’m stuck at Cedar River. Time Keeps Draggin on, and I ain’t had a good meal, since I first left home.
    Then we came to CampWater Brook, we shouted everyday. We ran the aisles and jumped the chairs, and even knelt to pray, yeah, we’re free form Cedar River, where time kept draggin on…”
    That was also the year of “Shake Palsy, Shake!” And I also think that’s the year that mom and Dee kept playing tricks on Bro. Drummond. (His wife didn’t come that year, so they were mean to him). They even ran his pants up the flag pole with a Banner that Said “Drummond Day” on it. Who would have thought the adults would do more tricks than the campers? Only at teen camp! Most of my best childhood and teen memories happened at CampWaterbrook.

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