Honor Thy Father

June 26, 2012

I want to please the Lord by honoring my father’s ministry and memory.Danny Mack Hall was a man that literally did live a thousand lives within his 62 years. Born in the small town of Ridgely,TN, raised in a family so poor that his stories sound at least a century old, he spent his teen years hitch hiking the across the country, was a member of the drug and hippie movement, but best of all, he was a prisoner that was set free in the Union City jail. He was set free from all his chains of sin by one single drop of holy, cleansing blood that floated down through the thermosphere, the stratosphere, the atmosphere, down past the smog and pollution, down to the west side of Tennessee into that tiny town, right through that cement jail cell ceiling, straight through the top bunk, and right straight into his heart. A small step of faith, but what a miracle!

Danny and Dee Dee Hall were married on May 26, 1972. Their journey of faith and ministry began at nearly the same time. They worked in missions, were house parents for troubled teens, went out of state to Bible school, helped start a church in Washington, pastored in Georgia and East TN, and finally for the last 20+ years have been in evangelism encouraging saints all over the United States.

After fighting hard a battle with hepatitis C, Dad finally laid aside his worn out flesh and put on that  “new coat” of Heavenly fibers. He was welcomed home to Heaven on June 3rd, 2012. My mother, brothers, and I all watched and encouraged him on his passage during that dark, predawn moment. After having a terrible night filled with suffering and the ugly, bloody results of past sin and disease in his “wore out” body, thankfully dad was able to rest more peacefully during his last few hours. Even though goodbye was heartrending, the memory of us all sitting beside his bed and sending him off with love is one that I will always cherish. The two days that he was home surrounded by so many dear friends and family members was a precious gift.

10 Responses to “Honor Thy Father”

  1. Donna Clanton Cox Says:

    Carrie, this is precious. Your dad and mom have definitely been a blessing to my life as long as I have known them. I always said they had a ministry of friendship. I have seen them serving God and being a friend to so many people across this country. I don’t believe I ever heard anyone say anything bad about either of them. Wish that could be all of our testimonies, but praise God it was theirs! Love you and them. Donna Cox

    • Carrie Says:

      Thank you, “Grandma” Donna. 🙂 I believe you’re right about the friendship gift, but I also remember dad saying the same thing about Bro. Marvin, he made so many people feel like they were his best friend. Love you!

  2. Dawn Weber Says:

    Thank you, Carrie. We listened to “Thank you Lord” and were flooded with memories of wonderful times together, but more importantly how much we had to thank HIM for! So thankful that your parents and you were part of our lives. Dawn Weber

    • Carrie Says:

      So many memories from Camp to the wild and crazy week of live Shar-a-thon. So glad we have them to share. We love y’all and really miss seeing you all.

  3. Patricia Says:

    Carrie, How sweet and precious this is! You have a great family! Your parents were always a blessing to our Church! As you follow in thier footsteps, rejoice that God has so richly blessed you with a fine family! Love you and am praying for you and your family! Patricia Desselle

    • Carrie Says:

      Thanks so much for the love and prayers. It has been so evident that friends have been praying during this time. God’s grace is real, and is really amazing. Unexplainable the peace and comfort that He gives to the needy soul.

  4. Leah Chancey Says:

    Carrie, reading this brought tears to my eyes. What a beautifully written tribute to your dad. Your family has been such a blessing to us through all these years and it is our privilege to have known him. I thank God that you were able to be by his side at the time of his passing. May God continue to speak peace and comfort to your heart.

  5. Isaiah Nogalski Says:

    Carrie, Your parents and family have always meant more to myself and family then anyone will probably know. Your father will always be one of my top 3 mentors probably only following my Dad. You have always and will remain part of our family. Love you guys and always praying. Isaiah Nogalski

    • Carrie Says:

      Thanks for all the love and prayers. It was so sweet having your parents there during dad’s last days. He was really happy with all of his friends who traveled so far to help him with his journey. All of you Nogalskis have always been family to us. Love to you all!

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